Cavali Club Subscrition Box for Equestrians – Mini Review

Cavali Club Subscription Box for Equestrians

I am in love with the Cavali Club Subscription Box!

Subscription Boxes have been really popular for the past few years.  Before I had my daughter, I was all about the Barbella Box. My husband and I were getting really big into CrossFit and I knew very little but about all the companies out there for CrossFit products. So when I found Barbella Box I knew it was going to be a great way to learn about new products for a great price and it was! Then a few short months after I started getting those boxes, I learned that I was pregnant. So I canceled my subscription to prepare for the baby and I had been so sick that working out that intensely was out of the question. 

Cavali Club Subscription Box

Now my daughter is 6 months old and I have discovered the Cavali Club Subscription Box. If you know me, I LOVE supporting equestrian small businesses! So I can’t think of a better way of doing this then with a subscription box full of rider and horse products. 

Cavali Club‘s Spring Box had a Perfect mix of Horse and Rider items. Which was excellent for me because I am currently not near my horse and can only use the Rider items since I am still taking lessons. However, I am going home in May and I can’t wait to use the horse related items on my guy. 

The items that were in the spring box were:

  • Unbelts Equestrian – Classic Belt
  • Myst Equine Products – Liniment Bombs
  • The TackHack – Velour Lined Saddle Cover
  • Infused Equestrian – Pedi. A hoof conditioner
  • Herd Of Zebras – Cotton Shirt
  • Leesha Lacquer – Cuticle Oil
  • Kasia Bukowska – 8″x 10″ print
  • ADD ON: Oh+August – Face Mask

To see some of the products and me unboxing the Cavali Club Subscription Box for Equestrians then make sure to check out the video below 

As I am writing this I am wearing my Herd of Zebras shirt and my navy blue unbelts.

I’ve also already put a sticker on my laptop from the sticker sheet and will be adding a few of them to my Equestrian Planner. 

Also working on getting a small frame for the print from Kasia Art. Can’t wait to have that up on the wall. 

Oh, and I tried out the Oh+August face mask the other night (my add-on). My skin was glowing the next morning!! The video and blog on her products will be coming out later this week. 

Overall I am impressed with all the items in this spring subscription box.  I CAN‘T wait till the summer one comes. 

To learn not about more about Cavali Club be sure to check out their website. They do boxes quarterly and once you sign up you can customize your profile with shirt size and so on. 


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