My Dream For My Virtual Assistant Business


Dream big is what you are often told as a kid. Do you ever wonder what someone’s dream is for their business? What is motivating them to do what they do?

Recently, I have joined an amazing group on Facebook that Fallon Taylor put together. If you don’t know Fallon is an NFR (National Finals Rodeo) champion in Barrel Racing. However, she is way more than just an amazing barrel racer, she is also an amazing business woman with multiple businesses. Two of my favorites businesses of hers is Ranch Dress’n and Heiress Athletics. The group she created is full of all different types of equestrians trying to figure out their passions. Fallon provided us with a 30-day workbook and every day we have a new project or challenge to work on. The best part about all of this is it’s free to join the group!

A Dream Doesn’t Work Unless You Do

So you may be thinking “what does this have to do with your dream for your business”?

In Fallon Taylor’s Facebook group, the main challenge is to find your passion and act towards it. So this motivated me to share my dream for my business. As you’ve possibly read in my previous blog posts, I went to college to get my accounting degree to help equestrian businesses. Then I went on to be a virtual assistant for HorsesDaily Inc. So my dream has always been to work with and assist small businesses, but especially businesses in the equine industry.

In my opinion, the majority of the equestrian world still is struggling with having a digital appearance. They may have a Facebook page but aren’t posting to it regularly. Maybe they have an Instagram, but aren’t using all 30 hashtags or engaging with potential clients. Have they thought about influencer marketing or branding their product? I mean how many of you equestrians still pay a lot of your bills by check? The barn you board at, the vet, and the farrier possibly all still take checks. Fortunately, there are apps like PonyApp that is helping change that.

My Dream is to Assist You With Yours

Things like that are what has fueled my passion and my dream for my virtual assistant business! I know I can assist the equine industry to grow a digital appearance. You may be overwhelmed with all the tasks you already have and your thinking how can I possibly stay consistent with all the social media platforms or make sure my website is ranking well on Google. Y’all I’ve got you! I am an equestrian myself and understand that maybe your days are already filled with you training horses and you don’t have a second to spare. Or maybe you are a farrier and you’ve been trimming and putting shoes on horses all day and the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is make a post to your facebook page. That is where I come in!

If you think you could benefit from my services, go ahead and fill out my work with me form and we can schedule a consultation call to see if I can assist you. My dream is to assist your business to grow and be successful. That is what truly makes me happy.

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