The Best 20 Blog Topics for Your Equine Business

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Do you struggle with coming up with blog topics? Do you think that there is no way you could come up with blog topics related to your business?

Don’t fret because I am here to give you the best 20 blog topics for your equine business!

Barn / Equine Boarding Facility:

  1. Welcome a new boarder or rider
  2. Spotlight of a boarder
  3. Spotlight a horse

As a barn facility there is always a lot going on. Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to keep everyone in the loop at the barn about any changes. A blog will be beneficial for both your boarders and for your website. Your boarders will stay up to date and your website won’t be outdated!

Equine Training Facility:

  1. A horse for sale
  2. Training Techniques
  3. Results/Experience at a horse show

Of course some of the boarding and training facilites may overlap and that is okay! I know people would love to see the in ands outs of a training facility and they would love to know what their daily routine looks like.

Service Businesses (Therapy, Farrier, Vet)

  1. Type of Therapy you use
  2. Hoof care
  3. First aid kit for the barn

Share with us what kind of program you use and why is it beneficial for your clients. Tell us about some of your success stories. Explain to us why it is important to take care of our horses hoofs. These all great blog ideas.

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Product Business (Subscription Box, Clothing Company, Equine Tack)

  1. Have a brand ambassador write a post about the product
  2. Have a customer write an honest review
  3. Why you got started

What are the new season looks? What inspired this collection? Tell us! We want to know! Why did you even get into an equine business? If you have loyal customers or even brand ambassadors have them write a full blog or you can have a blog full of multiple testimonials. Be creative!

Equine Blogger

  1. Barn Hacks
  2. DIY
  3. Product Reviews
  4. Favorite Equestrian Events
  5. Equestrian Travel

There are some WONDERFUL equine blogs our there. I personally like Saddle Seeks Horse and Life Equestrian. However, even they may get stuck on topics. I believe some of the best blog topics for them would be barn hacks. Everyone loves a good equine hack. Even a barn or boarding facility could write on this topic.

Miscellaneous (Put on Shows, Clinics, or Retreats)

  1. Best Sportsmanship
  2. Interview with a Judge
  3. Investment in yourself

I bet you that people that put on shows or clinics didn’t think they had ANYTHING they could write about! But that is just not true! Of course, everyone wants to know the results, but what were some of the highlights from the show? Who had the best sportsmanship? What did the judge think about the show?

What about the blog title

So now you have your topic, what about writing the title? There is a little science that goes into having a good title. Check out the below vide on 5 tips to improve your blog title!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

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