Tech Savvy Equestrians

Are you spending too much time figuring out all the tech related tasks for your equine business?

Raise Your Tech Skills. Raise Your Revenue.

You see someone’s successful strategy posted in a Facebook group, but don’t understand the tech or how all the pieces fit together.

You don’t have a lot of $$ to purchase every course that solves a new tech problem. 

You have tried to find the solution and failed.

You are afraid that you are an exception to the rule.

No matter how much YouTubing and Googling you do,

 it is so time consuming putting all the pieces together to crack the tech code.


Many of my clients almost gave up on trying to solve their tech problems and finding the right combinations of software  without breaking the bank

After purchasing online courses, I discovered the most valuable asset of the course…

… the tech tutorials.  
I thought why not share the tech I have learned over the years.
I’m on a mission to help equine business owners, bloggers, local businesses just like you carve out space for themselves and build the business of their dreams.
Just like I have while achieving my Masters in Business Administration and being a full-time mom to newborn baby girl!
April Hardeman with her horse King

Imagine what would your business look like if you could master not just one but SEVERAL tech tutorials and up-level your skillset?

Do you want to conquer the tech that keeps holding you back?
Is it costing your business sales that your business needs?
Do you want to see the progress and be more confident?

Almost 70% of Women Surveyed Said The Reason They Launched Their Business Was Because They Wanted Flexibility In Their Life!

Listen, I get it, I am a mom of one, a military spouse, and need to see my horse as often as I can…

Wasting Time...

Time is tight. I mean how many times have you said, "I don't have time for that .." It's time to take back control and invest your time into activities that raise the revenue in your business.

Wasting Money...

Ugh. This was my biggest fear ... wasting money. We are a military family living in Germany and still having to pay for my horse back in the states. I couldn't afford to 'spend' my way into a profitable business. I have done the heavy lifting so you can access a one-stop trusted source


'Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!' With all the demands on your schedule you need a trusted resource that takes away the stress and frustration.

Boost your tech skillset without much extra effort at all. And build your confidence by mastering the tech combinations in your business.



Tech Savvy Equestrians is a trusted tech tutorial monthly membership community for equine business owners.

Tech Savvy Equestrians not only simplifies the tech in your business it shows you the tech combinations to Make It Rein with Revenue that your business needs.

Here’s What's In the Membership

Imagine the jumpstart that your business would experience because of your confidence in your ability to handle the tech combinations in your business?

What would your equine business look like?

Some Topics That Will Be Discussed

Are you ready take charge of the Tech?


Billed monthly, no set up fee

Membership is just $57/month or $600 with one annual payment.

I’m like you have a LOT on my plate. I’m a military spouse living in Germany with a husband that is gone so much, we have a 1 year old daughter who keeps us busy, occasionally I take riding lessons, and I am the CEO of Make It Rein.

I understand the frustration around tech and how it can hold you back.  Especially because it can take HOURS to search for the SPECIFIC tech topic that you need on YouTube or Google. I am here to help by going over the specific topics that will benefit your business and make it rein with revenue!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at