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A Page Your Website Needs Now is a Blog

But First:

Did you listen to today’s podcast on why your website is so important?

If not the check it out below:

I interviewed Theresa from Cowgirl-Media on why websites are still SO important.

Often times we get so hung up on social media platforms we forget about our website.

I think for the equestrian world often times their website is just outdated. This could also mean that inormation is now incorrect such as contact information or even prices for some of their services.

A Page Your Website Needs Now:

A Blog

Another thing that a lot of people look over on their website is their blog. Most people may think they don’t have time for a blog, but it is a key to help with search engine optimization. So I often recommend that if you don’t think you have time for a blog, just to write one once a month.

If you have a boarding barn and don’t know what to write about you could write about something fun that happened that month. Maybe a horse show, a trail ride or a new boarder came to the barn.  There are plenty of topics you could talk about. One really cool thing would possibly have a rider spotlight for the month and this could really get people at your barn excited and interested in the website.  

The 5 Most Important Pages Every Website Should Have

Watch the below video to learn about 4 other pages you should have on your website.

Free Website Checklist

Website Checklist

Are you needing help with where to get started with your website or are you trying to update your current one? I created a website checklist to help with basic requirements for your website you can get it HERE.

ANOTHER fun thing is going on! Theresa from Cowgirl-Media is putting on a website challenge! Make sure to go check it out. It is a 21-day challenge and it is FREE!!

If you need some help with how you want your website to look. Check out the blog on creating a brand.


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