Looking Back on 2018


I am happy when looking back on 2018!  My virtual assistant business had just been started in mid-May and I kind of just jumped in. I knew I had the experience and I knew I would provide the best quality work to my ability, but there was still a lot of unknown. I didn’t know how I was going to get clients or if I would do the kind of work they would want.

How Clients Found Me

To my surprise and utter excitement, my first client reached out to me on my way to a trip to France. I was still working remotely and rounding up testimonies for my business when I received a message on facebook. The message was from someone I had met before when I went to a coaching event. She stated she had read my blog and was interested in discussing further details.

Then I was part of a group that was for virtual assistants and I applied for subcontracting positions and hundreds of people applied, but somehow I got the job!

So within in the first two weeks of starting, I had two clients! It just reassured me that what I was doing was meant to be!

Shortly after I found another client in another Facebook group offering my social media services to her. Fortunately, she liked my work so much that I helped brand her new business and create other content for her.

I Love My Clients

Then closer to when my daughter was due I started to talk to a lady that I had been a big fan of her products for a while and had seen her at horse shows for years. I told her what I was doing and she was instantly interested in working with me.

I have been so lucky to have amazing clients. Some of these clients have even referred me to others. Which is the best compliment that I can get!

I Enjoy Looking Back on 2018

Looking back on 2018 makes me so excited for 2019 because I know that it was only the beginning. I am excited to continue working with these clients and assist them with growing their businesses. I also have so many ideas for my business and some products in mind that I hope I can pull off.


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