My Story as a Virtual Assistant


I was a virtual assistant before it really had an official title.

I have always had a fascination with working with websites and managing social media pages.

My time with HorsesDaily Inc. as a Virtual Assistant

The first big job that really let me shine was when I worked for Mary Phelps with HorsesDaily Inc., She definitely let me shine and let me use all my virtual assistant skills. I was managing her email box, to starting and managing her facebook business pages. I worked with graphic designers and other team members to make the social media platforms stick out. Facebook Pages had just really started to become a thing and I knew her business would benefit from having one. When Pinterest first allowed business accounts we jumped right on it. On DressageDaily she has amazing dressage horses listed for sale and we knew Pinterest would be a great place to post the sale ads from the site. Pinterest is where people, mostly women, go to dream and what better place to post gorgeous horses for sale.

I was always thinking about how I could help her business run more smoothly and attract a larger audience to her already large community she had grown.

I also took these skills and helped my family business with their Facebook pages. They owned a couple of pizza buffets and they were trying to attract a local audience. I helped create content and spice up their page.

HorsesDaily-Virtual Assistant

However, at the time I didn’t think I could actually make a living at doing social media management. I just wasn’t sure how to move forward with it either. So I landed a corporate job or as I used to call it a “big girl” job because I was still just fresh out of college and I thought it was the right move to make. So I stayed in the corporate world for a while even after moving to Washington State with my husband.

Going back to being a Virtual Assitant

Fortunately, I never lost my passion for how the internet was changing the way businesses grow especially small businesses. In my downtime, I would help my friends businesses with their websites and show them process improvements. Even at work, they would joke with me that I had three job titles payroll, payroll tax, and IT because when there was minor IT issue or someone needed help with software, I was there to help.  

With encouragement with my husband, I have now decided to take this Virtual Assistant position more seriously. He has seen me throughout the years enjoy assisting others with their business that he has said you need to do this full time.

I am so excited and I just can’t wait to assist you with your business. I know there are so many tasks that can take up so much of your time and I am here to take them off your plate. I want you to be able to focus on what you need to and not stress about all the little things that need to be done.  I’d love to hear about your business and have you work with me!


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