5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me


You may be asking “why should I hire you?” and that is a great question. Below you will find five reasons why you should hire me. I want you to know I have the experience, the qualifications, the ambitiousness, and more to assist my clients in running their businesses.

  1. Cost. Just think how it’ll affect your overhead costs. You won’t need to provide an office space. No more worrying about providing benefits and not having to worry about certain taxes since most Virtual Assistants are hired by contract. Another benefit of a contract assistant is hiring to get just a specific job or tasks completed. Instead of having a full-time employee that may not always have tasks to fill their entire day of work. Meaning it will add more money to your budget having a virtual assistant.

    Hire me because I won’t stop till I figure it out.

  2. I’m ambitious and always learning more! I’ve always been adamant about learning and doing my best in all that I do. Currently, I am learning new software systems and always thinking of ways to improve business processes. I am always staying on top of the latest updates for social media and how they can be applied to make businesses successful. Frequently, I take classes on Skillshare or similar websites to improve my knowledge. I have been described as an overachiever, but I want to make a great impression and show that I take pride in my work.

    I have the Qualifications and Experience

  3. I’m Qualified. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Georgia Gwinnett College. As well as some Accounting Master courses from Keller Graduate School. Recently, I have signed up to complete my Masters of Business Administration degree at University of Maryland University College. I went a little further and took a Quickbooks course and will be taken my certification exam soon. During my husband’s first deployment, I took a  full on tax course to improve what I had already learned in college classes. So if you need help with bookkeeping, I am your gal. Although I have had these heavy accounting/financial classes, I have also taken multiple computer and design courses for my elective credits. I have always known I’ve wanted to assist businesses and I tailored my education around that.Hire-Me
  4. I’ve got the experience. Not only have I worked as a virtual assistant, but I have had the corporate jobs and the small business positions. Even when I worked for small businesses, I would offer to help them have a face on social media to reach to more customers. The corporate jobs really drilled into me the importance of following legal procedures and staying on top of any government changes especially when it came to payroll and payroll tax. Process improvement was an area I shined in while working my corporate position. So many times I’d find we were doing too many steps or using the software we just didn’t need. I apply these experiences to my services to make sure you can focus on larger tasks of running your business.

    Hire me because I do what I love

  5. I enjoy it. To me, it is important to really enjoy your work. It is how you will get the best productivity out of someone. Fortunately, I LOVE being a virtual assistant. I’m truly happy waking up in the mornings knowing I am assisting clients to grow and run their businesses successfully. Don’t you want someone working for you that gets excited about her work? It’ll definitely show through when tasks have been completed. That is why I really want you to work with me!

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